Tutoring is offered for grades K - 8.


THINKERS realizes that the traditional classroom environment may not work for all students.  Today's increased "rigor" in Texas' classrooms do not allow teachers to spend adequate time on subjects for some students.  Teachers are pressured to move on to the next concept before some students are able to completely process the first.  Texas school standards are increasing and shifting for each grade:  Example:  Your child who is in third grade is now learning and being tested on math concepts that were previously taught in fourth grade.  


Not every child learns at the same speed or in the same way and some are falling behind just because the pace is too fast, not because of their educational aptitude.  We specialize in finding the best way your child learns and helps them to learn concepts in a way they best process information.  Some children are more visual and some learn better audibly, we can assess and assist. 



If you feel like your child is getting behind,  THINKERS specialized tutors can help your student catch up and get back on track.  


Tutoring is offered for the following subjects:


  • Reading

  • Math

  • Writing

  • Grammar

  • Science

  • Social Studies

  • Study Skills



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