Is Your Special Needs Child Learning To His Potential?

oes your child lack the ability to regulate impulsivity or aggression? Is your child having difficulty with math, reading fluency and/or language processing? Does your child fail to maintain focus in the classroom? Or is your child having serious motor control issues? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, read on.

In the last few years, Interactive Metronome services have gained immense popularity as a tool in addressing the underlying issues of special needs children. If you haven’t registered your child for Interactive Metronome (IM) training, you could be missing an opportunity to make learning easier for them. If your child has been facing difficulties in learning basic curriculum, this intense cutting edge computer-powered technology could prove to be a blessing for your child.

IM services, previously offered as part of occupational therapy or speech therapy, are now available in the offices of educational therapists at affordable prices. This technology uses hand and foot sensors along with headphones to combine the power of a computer with the principles of the conventional music metronome and measure performance accurately. A typical IM training program includes 15-20 one hour sessions over a 5 week period. The training uses an auditory guidance technique to help participants improvemotor skills, processing speed and timing as they progress through a series of interactive and engaging exercises.

You may be wondering, how and to what extent a program like this can help your child. Interactive metronome services are being used by musicians, academics, and athletes to improve timing, coordination, dexterity, and cadence and also enhance academic achievements significantly.

Interactive Metronome programs have proven to be a great learning solution for those with learning disabilities, attention disorders and coordination deficits. IM sessions combined with reading or math therapy help to improve analytical and cognitive abilities of individuals and help them overcome class related anxiety. If you are looking for the best interactive metronome services and reading or math tutoring Houston for your child, browse through, a one-stop solution for all the learning needs of your growing child.

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