HOME SCHOOL??? Is It The Right Choice For Your Child?

Every child is unique, their likes and dislikes, their body size and shape, their temperament and even their learning styles and abilities are individual.

Teachers work very hard to meet the needs of all their students, but with increased class size, non-leveled classes, and a shortage of supplies and books their job seems impossible. Add the pressure of state tests to the mix and anyone would be overwhelmed. .

The regular school curriculum is sometimes difficult for regular students much less those with special needs.

Statistically speaking, two out of every 10 children have a learning challenge of some kind. Children with more severe challenges receive extra support during the school day. The quality and frequency of the resources vary greatly from district to district and state to state.

Many students require help outside the school environment in order to be successful. Tutoring for special needs children is available but not always easy to find. Before enrolling your special needs child in tutoring ask about staff experience. Are the tutors certified teachers? Do they have experience in working with special needs children?

Have you considered homeschooling? Home schooling allows a child with special needs to cover grade level curriculum in a relaxed and stress free environment. The pace of learning can be controlled to allow for maximum success. This gives the child an extra edge over the traditional classroom. Learning can become a positive experience.

Resources are available to help you with homeschooling your child. If you don’t feel comfortable in being your child’s teacher, find someone to help.

Whether you are looking for home school assistance or tutoring for special needs children we can help you.

If you have any questions about how to get help for your special needs student, don’t hesitate to contact us .

Call 713-781-4960

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