When learning is difficult, many families don't know where to turn.  


Some turn to tutoring, others to medical assistance or other therapies. We realize that parents want long lasting results.  If cognitive skills are weak, then your child may have difficulty performing tasks to grade level expectations.

Without developing these skills, students can continue to fall farther behind

each year.  


Today’s rigorous curriculum does not allow time for students to improve 

cognitive skills. The school’s job is to educate.  THINKERS will assess your child,

find which cognitive skills are below age level, and create a unique plan to

strengthen these underdeveloped skills. Strengthening these skills will not just

benefit your child for today, but for a lifetime. Building cognitive skills is like

building your house on solid ground.  It gives you a firm footing for achieving



Thinkers provides a variety of scientifically based programs to help develop your childs cognitive skills  to become a more independent learner. 


If you are interested in learning more about our programs and how they can benefit your child, call 713-781-4960. 

A finely crafted precision watch needs each internal cog, gear and wheel to run with careful timing, precision and accuracy.  


This sophisticated synchronization allows it to function at its optimal pace for years.  Our brain’s executive functions are like these cogs and gears. They contribute to our brain’s memory, emotion, focus, effort, action and activation. 


 When one or more of these functions is deficient or weak, it impairs and affects other parts of the brain and the body.  


Call Thinkers today for your child’s assessment.




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